Vihtari in English

This page offers information about our natural (and rich in such way) village and for any further questions, please contact us via email.

is an village in Eastern Finland, situated between larger cities such as Joensuu, Kuopio, Varkaus and Savonlinna. Also, places like Monasteries of Valamo and Lintula, Olavinlinna (medieval castle in Savonlinna) and national parks of Koli and Kolovesi (with their utterly beautiful views) are situated nearby.

Since situated between cities Vihtari offers also relatively good methods of public transportation. Including daily busses to all of the cities and railway.

Even though small in population (~300, but at summer population doubles), our village has strong community and offers services with a wide variety (from facilities all the way up to earthmoving).

Nature in Vihtari is, as mentioned above, rich. Offering beautiful lakes as well as lush forests. Historically Vihtari was first found in 18th century. Originally native vihtarians got their livelihood from fishing, hunting, farming (especially through slash and burn farming). Name of Vihtari most likely comes from words "vitsas, vihta", which in english translates to "withe".

Vihtari village community has done multiple projects together, which were mostly done by volunteer work offered by our own inhabitants.

Our most latest project which included nearly all population in Vihtari was opening our own nature trail in one of our beautifull nature reserve. Nature trail was opened 20.5.2017 to celebrate finnish natures day as well as Finlands 100th year of independence. Nature trail is open for all visitors, for more information contact us.

Also, in true Finnish way we created new summer event, which consists of rowing in some of our own historically interesting spots (i.e. Kalmosaaret, an island where bodies were buried more or less temporarily during 18th century due to bad connections to actual burial grounds). Vihtari rows - has now become more or less of a habit and has been yearly occurence for some years now. As all our events, everyone is welcome to join our rowing event.

Vihtari offers some amount of rentable apartments for living and as well to events. For further information contact our email: